Epic Wonder Woman 2 Fan Art Imagines Kristen Wiig As The Villainous Cheetah


Kristen Wiig is in talks for Wonder Woman 2.

That’s the news that placed DC fanboys on red alert late last night, when Deadline revealed that Wiig, star of Downsizing, The Martian, and Paul Feig’s ill-fated Ghostbusters reboot, had opened negotiations to play the role of Cheetah – presumably at the expense of Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), who is said to have declined an offer earlier in the year.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, either, as Kristen Wiig was seemingly hand-picked by Patty Jenkins, who is back in the director’s chair and working from a script penned by Dave Callaham (The Expendables) and DC guru Geoff Johns.

Negotiations are ongoing, of course, but in order to strike while the iron is still piping hot, the Internet’s go-to concept artist, BossLogic, has produced a rather remarkable piece that imagines Wiig in the villainous role. And it’s fair to say that she definitely looks the part.

It was all but certain the Warner Bros. was casting the net in search of a big name, and Kristen Wiig absolutely fits the bill. Should a deal be reached, it’ll mark the actress’ first major foray into Hollywood’s superhero genre, where she’ll embody a feline-esque adversary with enough strength and speed to hold her own against Diana Prince.

There have been three female incarnations of the characters in DC Comics – namely Priscilla Rich (the Golden and Silver Age Cheetah), Deborah Domaine (the Bronze Age Cheetah), Barbara Ann Minerva (the current Cheetah) – so it remains to be seen which version Kristen Wiig will play.

What we do know, however, is that Wonder Woman 2 will go back to the future – all the way into the Cold War, given Warner’s follow-up is rumored to take place in the 1980s. Filming will likely commence this summer ahead of that all-important release date on November 1st, 2019.