Wonder Woman 2 Will Find Diana Approaching The Height Of Her Powers


Not only will Wonder Woman 2 take place in the 1980s, but it’s also set to feature a Diana Prince fast approaching the height of her god-like powers.

At least, that’s according to writer-director Patty Jenkins, who swung by the ongoing CinemaCon event in Las Vegas to discuss the Immortal Warrior and her hotly-anticipated second coming.

Pegged for a production start sometime next month, when Jenkins and her team are expected to set up shop at Warner’s home base in the United Kingdom, Wonder Woman 2 will reportedly see Diana face the “temptations of the world,” whatever the hell that means, all the while attempting to overcome “incredible odds.” Again, Patty Jenkins didn’t elaborate, though the filmmaker has been quoted recently as saying that Diana’s second standalone adventure is decidedly different from the first.

Joining Patty Jenkins for this one is Gal Gadot, who most recently portrayed DC’s Immortal Warrior for the ill-fated Justice League. But Steppenwolf is no more, and in his place, Gadot’s kick-ass heroine will be crossing paths with Cheetah, a feline-esque adversary with enough speed and strength to hold her own against Diana. Kristen Wiig of Ghostbusters fame will play the latter villain, thereby marking her first major foray into comic book territory.

It’ll involve a journey to the Cold War, too, indicating that Patty Jenkins and her team plan to trade trench warfare for subterfuge and nuclear paranoia. Consider us on board.

Look for Wonder Woman 2 to light up theaters on November 1st, 2019, when viewers will be treated to a significant chunk of IMAX footage. And maybe – just maybe – a cameo appearance from Lynda Carter. Watch this space for more.

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