Gal Gadot Hopes Wonder Woman 2 Will Be A Deep Dive Into Diana’s Moral Code


Thanks to the one-two punch of Wonder Woman and the recently-released (and, sadly, widely-derided) Justice League, Diana Prince of Themyscira is arguably the hero of the hour.

Even if Justice League struggled to leave much of an impression on critics – or the domestic box office, for that matter – Gal Gadot’s Immortal Warrior truly resonated with moviegoers earlier this year, when the Wonder Woman solo movie scored excellent reviews and a whopping $821 million to match.

A sequel was then floated at Warner Bros., though it wasn’t until the studio ponied up and offered writer-director Patty Jenkins a record-setting deal that Wonder Woman 2 was officially green-lit. And so, with Dave Callaham (The Expendables) now on script duties and a late 2019 release date locked in, Diana’s second big-screen adventure is beginning to fall into place.

And we couldn’t be more excited. Ditto for Gal Gadot herself, who is currently in the midst of Justice League‘s global press tour. Indeed, while appearing on Today (via Screen Rant), the so-hot-right-now actress revealed her desire for Wonder Woman 2 to deep dive into Diana’s moral code.

So many journeys she can experience. She has so many beautiful values. Each chapter is about different values of Wonder Woman. I think that could be really awesome. It’s like the Wonder Woman bible.

The next chapter in that journey will presumably thrust Diana Prince into the Cold War, which will be a far cry from the trench warfare and gritty heroics that defined the first Wonder Woman movie.

Following Warner’s decision to retreat from Star Wars: Episode IX, Wonder Woman 2 will now see a release on November 1st, 2019. And no, it won’t involve Brett Ratner in any capacity, given the recent and deeply troubling allegations of sexual harassment that have been filed against the X-Men director.