Wonder Woman 2 Setting Confirmed By DC’s Geoff Johns


With production having kicked off now, under the working title Magic Hour, the latest Gal Gadot-led entry into the DCEU has been heating up for quite some time. Most notably, after doing his part to create the undeniable on-screen chemistry between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince, last week, Chris Pine was reportedly spotted on the set of Wonder Woman 2.

While we await confirmation of whether or not Trevor will indeed be invited to the party – fingers crossed, though – President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns, has provided something a little more concrete regarding the Patty Jenkins-directed sequel.

Certainly not the first we’ve heard of Wonder Woman 2 taking place in the 1980s, a whole 70 years after the first film ended her story in 1917, Johns took to social media earlier today and posted a small look at the next big screen adventure for Diana of Themyscira. See for yourself:

The banner, which has since been uploaded to the background of Patty Jenkins’ Twitter account, reads “WW84,” suggesting that the film will be set in 1984 as the director and her team plan to trade trench warfare for subterfuge and nuclear paranoia. Consider us on board.

Said to be imbued with all of the wisdom, wonder, and grace that made the original so special, Wonder Woman 2, which will see Kristen Wiig portray the archenemy of Diana Prince, Cheetah, has been slated for a release on November 1st, 2019, when viewers will be treated to a significant chunk of IMAX footage. And maybe – just maybe – a cameo appearance from Lynda Carter. Watch this space for more.