Chris Pine Reportedly Spotted On The Set Of Wonder Woman 2


2017’s Wonder Woman proved to be the only cast-iron hit Warner Bros. has had so far with their DC Extended Universe. Part of what made it such an entertaining movie was the terrific chemistry between Gal Gadot as the Amazonian princess and Chris Pine as her love interest, ace WWI spy Steve Trevor. Tragically, Trevor gave his life to save the world at the end of the film, leaving Diana heartbroken and bringing about her centuries-long exile from the world that ended in Batman V Superman.

Despite all this, Pine proved such a popular part of the pic that it’s been reported that director Patty Jenkins was working on a way to bring him back for Wonder Woman 2. With the sequel now in production, and the first shots from the set arriving online, it looks like she managed it, as the Star Trek star has apparently been seen on location in Alexandria, Virginia.

Byron Del Pozo has shared a photo on his Instagram account that allegedly features Pine from afar. Unfortunately, it’s snapped from too great a distance to make him out, but we’ll just have to take Del Pozo’s word for it, as he revealed in his caption for the image that this was indeed Pine. He also confirmed that he’d spotted Gal Gadot at the same location as well.

See if you can make out the actor for yourself below:

Chris pine on scene fam #wonderwoman2

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Wonder Woman 2 is set to take place in the 1980s, checking in on Diana Prince a whole 70 years after the first film ended her story in 1917. So, unless time travel is involved in the storyline, then we don’t see how Trevor can be back in the flesh. It’s possible the sequel will feature flashbacks or perhaps dream sequences though, in which Diana will reminiscence about her lost love. After all, Justice League showed that she’s still sore about his death even 100 years later.

We could be wrong, of course, as anything’s possible in the DC universe, but we’ll see what Wonder Woman 2 has in store for us when it lassos into cinemas on November 1st. 2019.

Source: Instagram