Gal Gadot Recalls Wonder Woman’s Most Difficult Scene, Along With Her Favorite


As arguably one of the finest films of 2017, Wonder Woman was chock-full of beautiful, awe-inspiring moments – the No Man’s Land scene, the dance at Veld…you name it.

But creating Diana’s most intimate moments wasn’t easy, as Gal Gadot revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. It’s a must-read for anyone with even a passing interest in Hollywood’s superhero scene, as the Israeli actress touches base on everything from the Wonder Woman sequel to Justice League‘s woeful performance – not to mention the damning reviews that followed.

On the topic of filming Wonder Woman‘s biggest scenes, though, Gadot highlighted one part that was particularly difficult to capture. It’s the moment when Diana drives a sword through General Ludendorff, only to realize that humans continue to fight amongst one another.

One week we were struggling. It was the tower scene when, after Wonder Woman kills General Ludendorff and she thinks she’s killed Ares. She can’t understand why everybody was still fighting.

All in all, it’s a devastating realization for the naive Diana, who was raised to believe that all humans are pure, uncorrupted beings. That couldn’t be further from the truth, but as Gadot tells EW, the creative team initially had some difficulty when handling Diana’s naiveté.

Because what Steve is saying is that not everyone is good, and people are both good and bad. And realization for Wonder Woman is that her mother was right. She’s devastated by this reveal. But the audience shares Steve’s point of view because we all understand men are bad and good. And I was really worried because there’s a fine line when playing some naiveté that you don’t want to play dumb. It took us a day to figure out the right balance and tone to that scene.

As for her out-and-out favorite, well, that honor goes to the scene in which Diana Prince goes over the top and into No Man’s Land, much to the amazement of Steve Rogers. It’s arguably one of the best cinematic moments of 2017, and Gadot certainly thinks so, too:

There were a bunch. There were favorite scenes to play — I loved shooting the watch scene, and the dance scene in the square. But watching the movie, I loved when Wonder Woman first revealed herself by crossing No Man’s Land.

Diana Prince of Theymiscra will be back on our screens late next year with the so-far untitled Wonder Woman 2. It’ll purportedly tee up a “totally different” adventure, so let the countdown commence.