Wonder Woman Gets A Gorgeous New Poster And Another TV Spot


It’s not long now until Diana of Themyscira finally makes her long-awaited solo cinematic debut in her first feature film, Wonder WomanAs the movie arrives in just a little under a month – on June 2nd, to be exact – Warner Bros. are undergoing the last lap of the marketing campaign, and today’s brought with it a gorgeous new theatrical poster as well as yet another extended TV spot.

To start with, you can watch the recently released promo above. Surprisingly, it actually contains a nice amount of new footage. Not anything that blows the plot wide open, of course, but some awesome brief action shots and one very fun character moment that harks back to the comics will surely please fans.

Meanwhile, the new poster first debuted on the Twitter feed of Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. She shared the image with the caption: “Get ready to experience the WONDER! #WonderWoman.”

We have to say that Wonder Woman has produced a ton of stunning posters so far, and this visual flair looks to be matched by the movie itself, as the trailers have revealed a promising look and feel. In fact, everything we’ve seen to date has been quite impressive, but that doesn’t mean the project is out of the woods just yet.

After all, several reports have stated that Warner Bros. isn’t feeling too hot on Wonder Womanand that it’s set for a somewhat disappointing opening weekend. Still, we’re hopeful that the film will be the hit that the DCEU so desperately needs and with its release now less than a month away, we’ll find out soon enough if the studio’s cinematic universe is about to get back on track.