Wonder Woman Is Now The Second Highest Grossing Movie In The DC Extended Universe


The focus may be on Spider-Man: Homecoming right now, and understandably so, but Wonder Woman just had another solid weekend at the box office and has passed a pretty major benchmark as a result. Pulling in another $10.1 million domestically (an incredible amount considering the competition) and $6.8 million overseas, the movie has now earned $745.8 million worldwide.

That’s a might impressive figure for the female-led superhero movie and also a significant one, as Wonder Woman has now achieved yet another milestone. With that $754.8 million under its belt, Patty Jenkins’ film has passed both Suicide Squad‘s $745.6 million and Man of Steel‘s $668 million to become the second biggest DCEU movie.

Considering the latter featured a superhero as iconic as Superman and the former starred big names like Will Smith and Margot Robbie, the fact that Wonder Woman has achieved this feat is downright amazing and a very good sign for what’s to come from this franchise in the future. Not to mention that at this point, there’s no doubt that Warner Bros. is fast-tracking a sequel.

While Wonder Woman may now be the second highest DC Extended Universe movie of all-time, chances are it won’t top the film that holds the #1 spot. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice made $873.3 million worldwide and the Gal Gadot-led release simply won’t be able to reach that now given that it’s already so far into its theatrical run.

Still, there’s no getting around how well it’s performed thus far and Marvel Studios must be feeling mighty confident about Captain Marvel‘s chances of success now thanks to Wonder Woman.