Wonder Woman Steals The Spotlight On EW Cover As Tickets Go On Sale In The UK


A lot of fans have been complaining that Warner Bros. hasn’t been promoting Wonder Woman anywhere near enough, but it looks like that’s already starting to change. As you can see below, Gal Gadot’s titular hero is highlighted on the cover of a special edition of Entertainment Weekly.

Love or hate the publication, it’s good for any movie to get the spotlight there and this will serve as a good way of reminding casual moviegoers that Wonder Woman is on the way. Given recent estimates for its opening at the box office, that’s something it could probably do with right about now, too.

In related news, Warner Bros. UK has announced today that tickets for the film are now on sale. The DC Comics adaptation has also secured a new release date across the pond of June 1st, a day sooner than the US. That won’t make a huge difference, of course, but those of you wary of spoilers may want to stay offline on that day.

With director Patty Jenkins already sharing sequel ideas, it’s clear that she has big plans for the franchise, but where Diana Prince goes from here will heavily depend on how well fans and critics respond to this World War I-set origin story. The movie certainly looks promising, but if 2016 taught us anything, it’s that the DC Extended Universe still has a ways to go before it’s even close to what we’re seeing over in the MCU.

For now though, we’re hopeful that Wonder Woman will get things back on track and look forward to it releasing in just over a month.