Wonder Woman Suits Up For Battle In Striking New Action Shot

Wonder Woman suits up for battle in today’s all-new action shot for Patty Jenkins’ standalone movie.

Revealed via Gal Gadot’s personal Twitter feed, the image finds Diana Prince suited, booted, and ready to fight for justice, presumably on the sun-kissed beaches of Themyscira. No caption was attached to the post, but it’s clearly a peek behind the scenes of Wonder Woman, given the props and filming equipment seen in the background. Lean in a little closer and you’ll also spot two of Diana’s allies (Antiope? Hippolyta?), though they’re a little blurry so it’s difficult to know for sure. Reckon you can identify who’s who? Be sure to drop your thoughts below.

Here’s the action shot in question, courtesy of Gal Gadot:

Though online sources claim Patty Jenkins’ upcoming solo movie is little more than a “discombobulated mess,” there’s still an air of unwavering optimism lingering over Wonder Woman. Perhaps it’s the back-to-back disappointment of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad that’s left fans longing for a competent entry into the DCEU, or the hushed excitement can simply be traced back to Gal Gadot’s scene-stealing debut in Dawn of Justice. Whatever the case, moviegoers will be holding out hope that Jenkins’ superhero tentpole can reverse Warner’s fortunes and effectively put any rumors of inside turmoil to bed in a few months’ time.

Touting immense power, grace, wisdom and wonder, Wonder Woman is slated for release on June 2nd. It’ll herald the first of two screen appearances for Diana Prince in 2017, given Gadot’s eternal optimist is also part of the ensemble on board for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Look for that one to arrive on November 17th.

Source: Twitter