Woody Harrelson Says Han Solo Spinoff Is A “Mind-Blowing” Experience

Woody Harrelson

Disney’s upcoming, untitled Han Solo spinoff is shaping up quite nicely. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to direct, Hail, Caesar! standout Alden Ehrenreich is in the lead role, Donald Glover is playing young Lando Calrissian, and Emilia Clarke and now Woody Harrelson have signed onto the Star Wars prequel in undisclosed roles.

In the months leading up to its 2018 release date, we’ll hopefully hear more about just what Disney has planned, but in the meantime, Harrelson isn’t afraid to gush his praises for the new space-based film. And really, who can blame him?

In an interview with Collider (via Screen Rant) to promote Lost in London, the actor’s directorial debut which will dauntingly be filmed and streamed live in theaters across the globe next week, Harrelson took the chance to discuss his involvement in the upcoming blockbuster, while also celebrating the opportunity to star in such a monumental, pivotal franchise.

It’s mind-blowing. I can’t really … you know, I never would’ve imagined that I’d get this opportunity so I’m really pumped about it. I really like those directors [Phil Lord and Chris Miller], I think they’re really great. You know let’s face it, almost any movie if the director’s great then the movie has a shot, but if they’re not obviously you’ve got very little chance of a good movie. I just feel great to be a part of that. What a cool thing.

Obviously, Harrelson’s not at liberty to discuss anything more, but his excitement is certainly felt. And who wouldn’t be trembling at the knees? This is obviously an exceptional honor, and it’s gratifying to know that he feels the same as he gets ready to embark on this incredible experience.

Of course, the Han Solo spinoff isn’t the only big blockbuster that Harrelson’s set to appear in. The Hunger Games star also plays a key role in this summer’s War of the Planet of the Apes, which he also feels “really lucky to be a part of.” Suffice to say, Harrelson’s got some terrific projects in store for him these next few months, and we hope they live up to their promise.