Wrong Turn Remake Director Shares New Set Pic As Filming Wraps


The Wrong Turn franchise isn’t exactly the most critically acclaimed horror series out there, but it’s certainly been quite sustainable over the years, bringing us a total of six movies between 2003 and 2014. Now, the story will continue with yet another outing that’s set to be with us in 2020.

Yes, as you surely know, Constantin Film – the studio behind the Resident Evil movies – is developing a new chapter in the franchise that revolves around an inbred family of cannibalistic mountain men who live in West Virginia. Mike P. Nelson, who recently brought us the acclaimed post-apocalyptic thriller The Domestics, is at the helm of this one and from what we’ve been told so far, the pic will see a group of friends set out on a hiking trip through the Appalachian Trail.

All goes well at first, but then they run into “The Foundation,” a community who’ve been living in the mountains for decades and they’re not exactly open to having guests. And while details on the plot end there, it seems we could be getting a trailer soon, as production’s now wrapped.

We know this because Nelson took to Instagram today to share a new set photo while announcing that filming’s been completed. Here’s what he had to say:

The last three months have been absolutely insane. I can’t wait to show you all what we have been creating. Movie #2 blessed me yet again with such an amazing crew and a cast that carried the weight of this beast. Long nights in the woods, moldy caverns, moss covered boulders and skulls was our world for the hasty and dense 26 day shoot. This project was also special as it reunited me with my good friend, DP and collaborator @njunkersfeld. Over the last 10 years Nick and I have been creating madness in Minnesota and I cannot wait to show you the madness we have created in Ohio with this one. Now onto the edit!

Sounds promising, and again, with production now wrapped and the editing having begun, it’s surely only a matter of time before we get a trailer. Or, at the very least, some official stills.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether this upcoming effort can capitalize on what’s made the franchise successful so far, but we imagine that if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen from the Wrong Turn series up until now, then this upcoming reboot will leave you pleased as well.

Source: Instagram