Mortal Kombat Fans Want The Miz To Play Johnny Cage In The Sequel

Mortal Kombat

The trailer for Mortal Kombat got fans excited for multiple reasons in regards to what the movie has in store, but one point of contention was the notable absence of Johnny Cage. A lot folks are now of the opinion, though, that WWE wrestler The Miz should be drafted in to play the role in a potential sequel.

After folks realized that Johnny wasn’t appearing in the film, so many people took to voicing their displeasure and querying the absence that the character’s name ended up trending. And part of this was formed by a number of fans calling for their favorite self-absorbed wrester to take up the part, as you can see below.

With even a passing familiarity of The Miz, it’s not hard to see where fans are coming from. His wrestling persona is that of an arrogant and cocksure egomaniac practically dripping with narcissism, which are pretty much the basics of the characterization of Johnny, as well as the general look of the wrestler being not entirely removed from that of the fighter. Such a transposition would probably be for the best, too, since although The Miz has appeared in a number of TV shows and films, aside from headlining the third through sixth entries of The Marine series of abysmal DTV action movies, they’ve largely consisted of him cameoing as himself.

Despite Johnny not being name-checked in the trailer or mentioned in the cast list, a popular theory predicts that Cole Young, the film’s central protagonist and audience surrogate, will ‘become’ Johnny Cage, adopting the moniker as a stage name. It makes sense, too, since it would otherwise seem an arbitrary choice for a featured character to not be one taken from the games.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that many fans are already convinced of the baked-in perfection of the potential casting, and when Mortal Kombat is released in April, seeing if Johnny makes an appearance will decide if it could ever come to pass.