Fox’s X-Force Movie To Develop Deadpool/Cable Dynamic, According To Josh Brolin


Like all great screen duos, Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers don’t exactly see eye to eye at first.

But give it some time, because although Deadpool 2 finds the Merc and Cable at loggerheads, Josh Brolin believes the upcoming X-Force movie will continue to develop the love-hate dynamic between DP and his own time-traveling bandit.

On paper, Brolin is one of two big-name additions to the X-Men universe – the other being Zazie Beetz’s walking good-luck charm, Domino – and the fact that Fox has seemingly mapped out a four-movie arc for his Nathan Summers tells us that Josh Brolin still has a big role to play beyond 2018.

A standalone Cable film is likely out of the question – ditto for a third Deadpool solo movie, it seems – though when it comes to X-Force, in particular, Brolin spoke to Screen Rant about what comes next for his on-screen anti-hero.

I freaking love Drew Goddard. Every conversation that I’ve had with him, which is only three now has been brilliant. Like he’s an amazing guy and I can’t wait to work with him as a filmmaker. I’m a huge, huge fan of his. I loved The Martian and I love all that stuff. So you know what happened at the end of this movie, which you don’t get a lot of it before, but toward the end you see more the banter between Deadpool and Cable and I like that, you know, that kind of Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte and thing.

The mission, according to Brolin, involves extracting the very best out of Deadpool and Cable’s unusual relationship, and allowing the two mutants to butt heads for comedic effect. They’ll be joined by a whole host of characters when X-Force drops into theaters, too, though on a more personal level, Josh Brolin simply can’t wait to collaborate with Drew Goddard.

We want to see that kind of flourish. I think I’ve found that with Ryan (Reynolds) during the press tour more. I got to know him on the press tour. I didn’t know him well enough, you know, and then once we started this thing and we’re traveling all over Europe together and we have this kind of thing going on. It was fun. I had a good time.

Goddard and his team currently have their hands full with Bad Times at the El Royale, so it’s unlikely X-Force will enter production anytime before 2019. As always, though, watch this space for more.

Source: Screen Rant