X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Reveals The Team’s New Costumes


Since set photos leaked online from filming, we’ve known to expect a batch of new costumes for the titular mutant team in X-Men: Dark PhoenixThe end of Apocalypse saw the young group of X-Men, led by Mystique, suited up in fan-pleasing distinctive and colorful outfits that called back to their classic comic books. The implication was that they would be wearing these costumes next time we saw them, but clearly, director Simon Kinberg had other ideas and decided to change up their look once again.

Yesterday’s first trailer gave us a pretty good glimpse at the new uniforms the team will wear in the movie. In one clip, Professor X and his X-Men, consisting of Mystique, Storm, Quicksilver, Cyclops, Beast and Nightcrawler, confront the unstable Jean Grey who’s allied herself with Magneto. Here, the group are in matching black outfits with a large yellow X across the chest. Comic book fans will note that these are hugely faithful to the look of the team in the New X-Men series from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

Though it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing more of those awesome costumes from the end of Apocalypse, the change in clothing does make sense from a storytelling point of view. Following the now standard procedure for the X-Men prequel movies, Dark Phoenix will jump forward another decade and will be set in the early 1990s. What’s more, the team are supposed to be a proper superhero group at the beginning of the film and the uniform look helps sell them as a united front. Though Jean Grey going off the deep end will soon tear them apart.

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