X-Men: Dark Phoenix Will Take Beast In A Different Direction


Although the X-Men film franchise has proven to be among the most enduring and bankable in the superhero genre today, it’s impossible to deny that it’s experienced a few missteps along the way. Luckily, director Matthew Vaughn put the series back on track with 2011’s First Class, a flick that many would describe as a “soft reboot.” Followed soon after by Days of Future Past and Apocalypse (both directed by Bryan Singer), one could say that Fox is embracing the source material like never before.

Next on the agenda is that of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which we can only hope will right the wrongs of 2006’s The Last Stand. Granted, it’s been said the upcoming blockbuster will be a bit more “grounded” and less cosmic than the comic book arc serving as inspiration, but Simon Kinberg couldn’t possibly do more damage than Brett Ratner did, right?

Warranted concerns aside, it’s safe to say there’s a handful of mutants that spring to mind when one thinks of the most recent movies: Professor Charles Xavier, Magneto, Beast and Mystique. Now, while only Xavier is needed to make an ensemble X-Men film work, it’s getting increasingly harder to imagine the new timeline without those four or the actors tasked with playing them.

And while he lacks the experience and wisdom that came with Kelsey Grammer’s age, Nicholas Hoult has breathed new life into the role of Hank McCoy, bringing a sense of complexity and brilliance to the young mutant scientist. Not surprisingly, new twists and turns await him in the next outing, something he touched on when speaking with ET Canada:

“It’s very different for Beast this time, and that was part of the appeal of doing the movie for me. Simon Kinberg who wrote and directed this time had great ideas for where he wanted the character to go, so I was excited.”

Admittedly, that is pretty vague and will leave a lot of room for debate, quite possibly up until opening weekend. Still, we doubt they’ll go to the extreme of exploring his second mutation as seen in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run as to not steal too much of Jean Grey’s thunder, but you never know.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix arrives in theaters on November 2, 2018.