‘X-Men’ enthusiasts debate if ‘Days of Future Past’ is the franchise’s best


X-Men: Days of Future Past trended on Twitter this weekend as enthusiasts debated which X-Men film is the best of the franchise. The question posed on the social media platform has led fans of the superhero genre to compare notes on which film in their respective franchise wins out.

When it comes to the X-Men franchise, fans appear torn between X-Men Days of Future Past and Logan. Logan is definitely a strong contender for the best of the franchise, with stellar performances from the entire cast, a more emotionally driven story than a lot of its contemporaries, and one of the most tragic endings of the entire franchise, leaving audiences weeping in their seats. But some would argue that the unrelenting anguish and misery of the film makes it hard to rewatch and less joyful for fans compared to X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Days of Future Past sees many of the original cast of the X-Men franchise, including Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan as Professor X and Magneto respectively alongside the more recent cast. In a dystopian future, mutants are hunted into near extinction by Sentinels. In a last-ditch attempt to save their world, they send back Logan’s consciousness into his past body to warn the past and stop the Sentinel Program from ever happening. The film is full of the usual hero action sequences, with one fantastic scene in particular, Quicksilver’s kitchen scene set to “Time in a Bottle,” among the most truly heartfelt and emotionally gripping moments.

The ending of the film left a lot for the audience to think about. For one, it appears to have altered the timeline for the franchise resulting in characters that had once perished, such as Cyclops (aka Scott Summers) and Phoenix (aka Jean Grey, who previously died in the earlier 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand, now alive and working back at the school). Many fans were happy to see that this timeline is now erased as they were left disappointed by the way the original X-Men trilogy was wrapped up.

One fan called attention to the surge in debate and opinions surrounding the franchise getting the topic to trend.

One fan used a Days of Future Past post to underscore an argument about its superiority.

Fans chose to bring attention to certain scenes from the film that they connected with or simply loved to watch.

This fan was happy to see some familiar faces, noting “one of my favorite comic book movie moments … when you see all the old cast has been saved.”

Another declared Days of Future Past‘s ending to be perfect.

Som fans argued the merits of Logan vs. Days of Future Past, with many agreeing that both are amazing films.

Another made the point that Logan, while amazing, is not as rewatchable.

Recent new X-Men speculation includes a possible revelation about a new project in the works. In the meantime, it’s clear that fans are savoring past offerings.

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