‘Thor 4’ writer may have just leaked the writer for ‘X-Men’ reboot

patrick stewart x-men

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness writer Michael Waldron has potentially been outed as the writer for an X-Men project following one fateful Instagram comment from a Marvel Studios colleague.

The revelation was made while Waldron was commenting on friend Jennifer Kaytin’s Instagram post, where the latter responded with a reply which seemed to suggest he’s writing an X-Men project. While this seems like more of an inside joke, it’s also possible that Kaytin has actually spilt the beans as given the fact that she is a writer for Thor: Love and Thunder, she is enough of a Marvel Studios’ insider to know who is working on which film.

It could also just be a reference to the expected inclusion of mutants in Doctor Strange, with the latest trailer for the multiverse traversing flick including what seems to be Patrick Stewart as Professor X. Stewart starred in the role across six X-Men films, and would signal the second retcon inclusion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe from previous franchises after Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Waldron has worked on several projects for Marvel Studios already — he has helmed the writing team for both Loki and Doctor Strange 2, thus the possibility that he is involved in more projects seems likely. So far, there’s only one X-Men project publicly in the works — X-Men ’97 which is a continuation of the 1990s series. Given Waldron’s previous experience with the animated series Rick and Morty, he’d be a strong contender for X-Men ’97 as well.

Kaytin’s work on Thor: Love and Thunder is yet to be seen meanwhile, with no trailers released for the film that is merely months away from release. Fans have started conjuring up theories to decode the reason behind the delay, with some believing it could tie into Moon Knight.

Waldron however, will start to see the fruits of his labor in Doctor Strange 2 soon, with the sequel set for an April 6 release. As for whether or not he’s attached to an X-Men project, only an official announcement (or a more concrete leak) will confirm his involvement in the project.