X-Men: First Class Star Wants In On The MCU’s Reboot

x-men first class

Now that the multiverse is officially in play, it can’t be definitively ruled out that a few familiar faces from Fox’s X-Men mythology could end up returning as part of official Marvel Cinematic Universe canon.

Evan Peters has already made the jump, but his winking recurring role in WandaVision technically wasn’t a direct continuation of the mutant mythology, while Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy have both found themselves linked to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and those Hugh Jackman rumors still aren’t going anywhere.

However, a First Class alumni has now stated in no uncertain terms that they’d happily rejoin the fray should an offer come their way, with Edi Gathegi admitting to PopCulture that he’d love to take another crack at Darwin.

“Darwin was done quite dirty. This is the mutant whose superpower is that he can’t die and he adapts to survive. And even in the comics, he dies and regenerates. In some ways, I feel like his story is unfinished, but I’m a fan of Marvel. I love all the stuff that they do. And if there was a place for me in the future, of course, I would be excited to potentially join.”

darwin x-men first class

The actor has already revealed that he thought Darwin was killed off far too early, when there was still so much that could be done with the character. The smartest move would be for the MCU to wipe the slate entirely clean and start afresh given that audiences were gifted thirteen X-Men movies in the space of 20 years, but it could be a long time before we find out what Kevin Feige and his team have in store now that Marvel have literally hundreds of new characters to play with.