Here’s How Shia LaBeouf Could Look As The MCU’s Iceman

Shia LaBeouf

Over the weekend, we heard that Marvel Studios is keen to find a role for Shia LaBeouf in the MCU, with one part that they’re currently considering him for being Iceman. As the former Transformers star isn’t the first person you’d jump to as the perfect fit for Bobby Drake, the news has been hotly debated on social media. But what could LaBeouf look like as the famed X-Men member?

Digital artist Mizuri has created some artwork that imagines the actor suiting up as Drake. Seen below, the piece dresses LaBeouf in a Fox-style all-black combat suit, gives him a frosty glare and transforms his left side into ice. Plus, he’s depicted as standing in front of the iconic “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters” sign. All things considered, he doesn’t look too bad here.

Of course, Iceman was played in the Fox franchise by Shawn Ashmore in the first X-Men trilogy and in X-Men: Days of Future Past. What with his romances with Rogue and Kitty Pryde though, he wasn’t the most faithful version of the character from the comics – he didn’t even fully turn into ice until The Last Stand. Something fans would love to see in the MCU, then, is a more accurate Bobby, including an exploration of his sexuality, as he’s been portrayed as openly gay in the source material since 2015.

From what we’re hearing, Marvel is looking to coax LaBeouf back into the blockbuster movie fold following his recent resurgence in the indie scene. As such, they’re offering him a part like Iceman, who would be more of a supporting presence in the new X-Men movies, over a leading role.

Obviously, things could change by the time Marvel’s X-Men reboot actually gets off the ground, but for now, tell us, what are your thoughts on the idea of Shia LaBeouf joining the MCU? Have your say in the usual place below.