Yet Another Piece Of Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Is Empire Strikes Back Reincarnate


Considered to be the toughest, most intricate sequence in all of Captain America: Civil War, it’s little wonder why the grand airport battle tends to garner so much interest from fans. The scene in question featured Team Iron Man and Team Cap in full-on battle mode, resulting in a cacophony of superhero action as some of our favorite costumed heroes locked horns on the tarmac.

Given the painstaking process that went in to creating what is arguably Civil War‘s greatest scene, the airport sequence has also become a rich resource for concept art, with artists sharing their early storyboards and keyframes that ultimately helped the Russo brothers and VFX team flesh out their vision.

The latest of which hails from conceptual artist Andy Park (via CBM), and features Iron Man, War Machine and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man combining to knock down Giant-Man himself. You know that really old movie Empire Strikes Back?

Spidey’s scenery-chewing battle with Giant-Man has featured on previous concept art, too, and considering that the scene in question was left out of Civil War‘s marketing material, it’s a wonder that Scott Lang’s surprise transformation didn’t get officially spoiled ahead of time.

United we stand, divided we fall. Captain America: Civil War blasts onto Blu-ray and home video today, September 13. Next up for the MCU, meanwhile, is the release of Doctor Strange in early November, when Benedict Cumberbatch will seemingly tap into the “intelligence, arrogance, and intrigue” of the title role.

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