You can now buy ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ hot dog finger gloves

Image via A24.

Now that movie studio A24 has come out with hot dog finger gloves for purchase, similar to those seen in the cerebral film Everything Everywhere All at Once, there’s little doubt Halloween costumes this year will be absolutely crazy.

Step aside, creepy Riddler wannabes from The Batman, because for only $36, you too can have glizzies for fingers, just like Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere. If you need proof, just check out A24’s shop page.

“Together, life can be so delicious!” begins the product’s description. “Pair of latex gloves with hot dog fingers, as seen in Everything Everywhere All at Once. One size fits most.”

The hot dog hands, alongside countless googly eyes, are among some of the goofier motifs in the film, which centers around a woman navigating through alternate dimension versions of herself.

The film, which was released this past weekend, boasts a “certified fresh” critical score from review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes of a staggering 96 percent, based on 189 reviews. Last week, it also boasted the bonafide of becoming the highest-rated film on movie review-based social media site Letterboxd.

Though the hot dog fingers are now considered one of the most iconic aspects of the movie, star Yeoh, known for her roles in everything from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to Shang-Chi, initially asked the directors, the Daniels, to write it out, according to an interview with Empire.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is now playing at a theater near you.

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