Watch: Marvel Releases Endgame’s Avengers Assemble Scene In HD


“AVENGERS… assemble.”

As far as third act battle scenes go, Avengers: Endgame is practically in a league of its own. Buoyed by a Marvel legacy spanning 10 years (and change!) and more iconic characters than we can count, the moment Captain America recalls Mjolnir, before charging at Thanos and his galactic goons, will no doubt go down in cinematic history.

It’s as though Joe and Antony Russo – not to mention screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely – ripped a page from Marvel Comics and projected it onto the biggest screen they could find, resulting in a spine-tingling payoff that we’ll happily watch again and again.

And thanks to Marvel Studios, now we can. In anticipation of Endgame‘s digital release on July 30th, the Powers That Be have started to roll out a number of HD clips, including the “I am Iron Man” moment in which Tony Stark dupes Thanos and essentially gives the Mad Titan a taste of his own medicine. Now, we have Cap’s “Avengers assemble” war cry in glorious HD.

What makes this moment all the more special is the fact that, just before Doctor Strange begins opening the portals, a visibly broken Captain America takes a stand against Thanos, knowing full well that he’s facing certain defeat. Battered and bruised and with only half a shield to his name, Steve Rogers is toast – that is, until he hears the voice of his long-lost friend Sam Wilson saying “on your left.” Cue the biggest showdown in MCU history.

You’ll be able to take Avengers: Endgame and all of its bonus content home on August 13th, while the digital release is scheduled for July 30th.