Marvel Officially Releases I Am Iron Man Scene From Avengers: Endgame


To promote the upcoming home release of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has now shared one of the pivotal moments of the year’s biggest film, in which Tony Stark brings the whole Infinity Saga full circle with just one line.

The clip opens in the closing seconds of the movie’s all-star final battle, as Doctor Strange gives Tony the signal that they’re in the one timeline where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes triumph over Thanos. After the Mad Titan puts the final Infinity Stone on his gauntlet, Tony lunges at the purple tyrant, only to be thrown back.

At this point, Thanos smugly declares, “I am inevitable,” before snapping his fingers. It’s only once his snap fails to trigger the desired genocide that we see that Stark has successfully wrestled the stones off the gauntlet. All this brings us to the famed retort that had audiences cheering across the world: “And I am Iron Man.”

Endgame co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo reflected on this moment in a Q&A earlier this year. According to the pair, Robert Downey Jr.’s line was suggested by editor Jeff Ford on the day before the scene was shot. Previously, it was the plan for Tony to say nothing before snapping his fingers, and the writers even considered the possibility of Iron Man sending off Thanos and his minions with a “f*ck off.”

Of course, one thing we don’t see in the above clip is that Tony Stark passes away shortly after delivering his most fan-pleasing line. If, however, you’d like to revisit all three hours of Iron Man’s final adventure, then you can catch Avengers: Endgame on Digital from July 30th, before the film comes to Blu-Ray on August 13th.