Young Rock Star Wants To Replace Dave Bautista As Drax In The MCU

Drax MCU

Once Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is released in the summer of 2023, it could very well be drawing a line under the current iteration of the titular team on both sides of the camera. While it’s probably safe to assume that Marvel Studios have no intention of letting Chris Pratt go anytime soon, Dave Bautista has already signalled his intentions to retire from his role as Drax the Destroyer.

The former wrestler will be 54 years old when the cosmic threequel arrives, and he’s admitted that it’s only getting harder to stay in shape for the shirtless scenes, with Drax spending around 99% of his screen time naked from the waist up. While there’s no word yet on whether or not Marvel would consider recasting the part or they’d simply dip into the comic book back catalogue to find a suitable replacement, a potential candidate has already put themself forward.

Brett Azar, who plays 1980s WWF star The Iron Sheik in Young Rock, the NBC sitcom based on Dwayne Johnson’s early life, has thrown his hat into the ring as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next Drax as you can see below, and he’s definitely jacked enough to do the role justice.

Of course, playing Drax requires a lot more from Bautista than simply looking the part and getting into the makeup chair, even if he’s admitted that the studio discovering his knack for comic timing may have scuppered any plans for a more substantial character arc. Azar is a huge dude without a doubt, but the most likely development for any potential Guardians of the Galaxy continuation in the future is that the lineup will be refreshed as opposed to recast.