Sylvester Stallone Takes To Instagram With More Rambo V: Last Blood Photos


In these last couple of months, Sylvester Stallone has been taking to Instagram on a regular basis sharing monochrome images from the upcoming Rambo V: Last Blood. The star and co-writer of John Rambo’s fifth and purportedly final big screen outing has previously stated his intention that the various pics will allow fans to follow along with the story, and while the images so far have seemingly been taken from the movie’s early passages when John is still living a quiet life on an Arizona ranch, this latest batch sees the plot beginning to kick into gear.

As well as offering a few more glimpses of Stallone himself, the new pics show Adriana Barraza as Maria and Yvette Monreal as Gabrielle on what looks to be the farm where Rambo has chosen to settle down. In the caption, Stallone describes what’s happening as follows:

“Gabriella wants to go to Mexico to see her father who deserted her many years ago. Rambo and Gabriella’s grandmother are very much against this… ‘ I just want to ask him why he left us…’ She says and begins her journey.”

According to the plot summary released by Splash Report last November, Gabrielle’s trip is about to go horribly wrong, as the young woman is kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel for their sex trafficking ring. The development proves to be the inciting incident that brings Rambo back into the fray, as the aging hero tracks down Gabrielle with the help of reporter Carmen Delgado, played by Paz Vega.

Now that Stallone’s social media promotion has arrived at this key moment in the story, it hopefully won’t be too much longer before he starts sharing pics from the film’s action scenes. In any case, while still images are all well and good, we’ll find out if Rambo V: Last Blood can end the series on a worthy note when it arrives in theaters in the fall.