Zach Braff’s Going In Style Remake Delayed Into 2017 As Warner Bros. Shuffles The House And The Accountant


Warner Bros. has reshuffled its deck to avoid a string of major clashes with other releases, chief among them being the decision to bump Going in Style remake by almost a year to shield it from May’s Captain America: Civil War.

As a result, Zach Braff’s (Garden State, Wish I Was Here) comedy remake has relocated to April 7, 2017, and fans will have to wait that little while longer before seeing Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin stick it to the Man. Staging a bank heist to recover their stolen pensions, Braff’s latest directorial effort taps into New Line’s 1979 heist movie of the same name. Wayward Pines alum Matt Dillon also stars.

Remaining in the New Line wheelhouse and another feature film that will release sooner than originally planned is The House, the Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler-fronted comedy which is now due to open on June 30, 2017, as opposed to June 2 of the same year. Directed by Andrew Jay Cohen, The House features Ferrell and Poehler as two hapless parents who decide to throw caution to the wind and oversee an illegal casino in their basement – a desperate attempt to regain cash after splurging their daughter’s college fund.

And lastly, Warner Bros. has ordered The Accountant to an October 14 release, ducking out of a potential clash from Sundance darling Birth of a Nation, itself poised to open on October 7. It’s a much smaller delay compared to when the Ben Affleck thriller was bumped from January 2016, who was consumed in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice at the time.

Circling back to Going in Style and Zach Braff’s ensemble comedy will now hit theaters on April 7, 2017.