Zachary Levi Is Shazam On Alex Ross-Inspired Fan Art


Even though it appears that the DC Extended Universe will not be as dark going forward, it certainly doesn’t hurt to develop a few kid friendlier movies here and there. Yes, superheroes appeal to folks of all ages these days, but odds are that you embraced the genre at a very young age just as I did.

Having said that, I can’t help but feel there are few characters better suited to the task than Shazam. After all, he’s based upon the fantasy of a young boy saying a magic word to become a superhero. Heck, it’s no wonder that comics featuring the Big Red Cheese outsold those featuring Superman for a time back in the Golden Age. Of course, that was when the character was still known as “Captain Marvel,” but that name has since been shed as to avoid confusion with the Marvel Comics hero of the same name – even if Billy Batson came first.

So, until we’re treated to a trailer or so much as a costume reveal, we’re going to have to let our respective imaginations run wild. Already, some digital artists have given us a pretty fine idea of what actor Zachary Levi will look like in the titular role, but that doesn’t mean other teasers aren’t appreciated.

This time, though, it’s datrini Art who’s paying tribute to one of the greatest artists to ever grace the comic book medium, that being Alex Ross. Channeling the spirit of the master who brought us such photo-realistic works as Kingdom Come and Justice, this individual used one of the more notorious images of Shazam to place Levi in those heroic threads.

Now, while you take a moment to drink that in, know that we’ll bring you any official reveals regarding Shazam as soon as they’re made available, with the film itself set to arrive in theaters on April 5, 2019.