Zachary Levi Thinks Shazam Would Beat The Flash In A Fight


Sure, it may have been overshadowed by the resounding success of Avengers: Endgame, but DC’s Shazam! is by no means worth dismissing. Warner Bros.’ adaptation of the 80-year-old superhero was praised for its sense of humor and easygoing tone, and our resident movie reviewer Matt Donato called it “hilarious” and “heartfelt” in his writeup. Audiences across the board were also pleasantly surprised by Zachary Levi’s performance as the titular character, and with a sequel already in the works, we fully expect to see the star of Chuck on the big screen again.

Ever since Shazam! hit theaters though, fans have been curious about Zachary’s experience working with DC and Warner Bros. Last weekend, the actor flew down to Orlando to attend MegaCon, and he even hosted his own panel, where he engaged in a Q&A session with the audience. Thankfully, Levi took the time to answer plenty of questions; not only did he express his interest in taking on the role of Deadpool, but he even weighed in on whether it was more fun to work for DC or Marvel (in case you forgot, he played Fandral the Dashing in the second and third Thor films).

During the aforementioned panel, one fan posed a rather interesting hypothetical about Levi’s character, wondering who would win in a fight: Shazam, or the Flash? After jokingly asking whether or not it’d be a test of combat or a foot race, Zachary confidently answered that Billy Batson could best Barry Allen in a physical brawl.

This might not come as a surprise to most. While the Flash is certainly quick on his feet, Shazam has the power of flight and the ability to manipulate lightning. Better yet, he’s even managed to defeat the speed demon in the comics, so there’s literary precedence to go off of. That being said, what do you think? Would you put your money on the star of Shazam!, or side with Barry Allen’s speed? Let us know in the comments section below.