Zack Snyder Reveals What Time The Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Releases

Justice League

DC FanDome moves ever-closer. Saturday’s virtual event has the blue half of superhero fandom (oh right, FanDome, I’m just getting that now) on the edge of their seats. The drip-feed of content in these barren cinema-less months has started to morph into a cascade and already we’ve seen the reveal of The Batman’s logo.

There’ll be plenty more big announcements on the way, of course, (I’m convinced Dwayne Johnson is going to steal the show), but as far as trailers are concerned, the new look at Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be getting most of the attention. For those who don’t want to miss it, Snyder has now confirmed that the trailer will premiere on August 22nd at 2:30 pm PDT/5:30 pm EDT/10:30 pm BST, before a 25-minute Justice League panel. To watch it, you need only make a free account on

Previously, the FanDome’s Justice League segment had been set for 15 minutes later, hence the need to make note of the adjustment. It would’ve sucked to be unaware of the change and arrive 15 minutes into the subsequent discussion.

How forthcoming the trailer is remains to be seen. Teaser implies something brief, trailer implies something substantial. Having given it the big build-up, fingers crossed it’s the latter. Imagine if the fabled reveal is a 60-second trailer with 45 seconds of black screen. What would the panel have to talk about for the next 25 minutes?

No doomsday scenarios this weekend if you please. Give us something meaty to go on. So starved have I been of film news that even I’ve started caring about “The Cut” of Justice League, and I’ve got less optimism for its prospects than I did for Transformers 4.