Zack Snyder Reportedly Eyed To Direct Killing Joke Movie With Jared Leto For HBO Max

Jared Leto Joker

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is now just a few weeks away from arriving on HBO Max, with fans’ four-year quest to see the director’s original cut nearly at an end. But will all the hype ensure that the pic is a big enough success to warrant Zack Snyder coming back for another DC movie? That remains to be seen, but it looks like Warner Bros. is already considering employing him on the franchise again for another project.

Scooper Mikey Sutton of Geekosity is reporting that WB is developing a live-action Killing Joke film starring Jared Leto’s Clown Prince of Crime. While Joaquin Phoenix might be cinema’s current Joker, Leto’s return in Justice League could sow the seeds for him to get his own HBO Max flick. And, according to Sutton, Snyder’s name is one of those that the studio is thinking about for the movie’s director.

If you’ve got at least a passing interest in Batman, you’ll know about The Killing Joke. After all, the acclaimed origin story for the villain by Alan Moore and Brian Bollard has inspired pretty much every cinematic incarnation of the Joker to date. It was also adapted into an animated film, featuring Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, in 2016. We just got an origins movie for the clown, of course, but hey, when the last one made over $1 billion, why not recycle the same idea?

What’s more, Sutton claims that sources tell him Ben Affleck would be back for this Killing Joke adaptation, too. Leto’s cameo in JL will finally see Batfleck and his Joker share the screen, something Zack Snyder was very keen to make happen. It won’t give us the full-on showdown between the two foes that this possible movie could, though. But again, whether a Killing Joke pic gets the greenlight likely depends on how well Justice League performs when it finally hits streaming on March 18th.