Zack Snyder Teases Plot Details For His Unmade Justice League Sequel

Justice League banner

2017’s Justice League is a project that’s arguably talked about more these days for what could’ve been than what was, between the ongoing demands for Warner Bros. to release the fabled ‘Snyder cut,’ to the ultimately scrapped sequel. And in a somewhat cryptic post on Vero, director Zack Snyder may have hinted at some of the plot details from the follow-up that never was.

The sequel to Justice League was originally intended as one of the chapters in Snyder’s five-part vision for the DCEU, which would’ve included Darkseid as a major villain. Though the details of the film remain vague, Vero user Eric M. Blake analyzed a DCEU-themed t-shirt that Snyder contributed to a campaign for Suicide Prevention, and pieced together a few potential clues.

First off, Blake speculates that Snyder’s original plan was for a newly resurrected Superman to impregnate Lois Lane. From here, it’s suggested that in the Justice League sequel, Batman was going to sacrifice himself to save Lois in the fight with Darkseid, inspiring Lois and Clark to name their newborn son Bruce.

How exactly Blake got all this from a T-shirt design isn’t entirely clear, but Snyder responded to the theory with a clap emoji, suggesting that either parts of this speculation are correct, or the filmmaker just appreciates the fan’s ideas.

In any case, based on all we’ve heard about the Justice League cast, you probably shouldn’t anticipate this scenario playing out on our screens anytime soon. Though Aquaman star Jason Momoa recently insisted that last year’s reports of Henry Cavill departing from the role of Superman were untrue, Amy Adams herself has said that she believes her Lois Lane days are over. As for Bruce Wayne, it’s believed that Matt Reeves’ The Batman will begin filming later this year, though we’re not expecting Ben Affleck to be the one wearing the cape.