Zack Snyder Confirmed To Direct Justice League After Batman vs. Superman


After months of speculation, we finally have official confirmation: Zack Snyder will direct a Justice League film that will immediately follow Batman vs. Superman.

The fact that this news is appearing at night on a Sunday is a bit bizarre, but it comes to us from The Wall Street Journal. They recently spoke to Warner Bros. president of worldwide production Greg Silverman, who said the following:

“It will be a further expansion of this universe. ‘Superman vs Batman’ will lead into ‘Justice League.’”

A script is currently in development for the film and while we don’t have a release date just yet, it will likely arrive no sooner than 2018. It’s also expected that Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot will return as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, respectively. Silverman didn’t comment on which other characters would be on the JLA roster, but it’s probably a sure bet that the recently cast Cyborg will be part of the team, along with the long-rumored Green Lantern, Flash, and Aquaman.

At this time, there are no concrete plans for a Wonder Woman solo film, but Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing, said that the studio is hopeful for one.

“That is our hope. With the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her.”

The report also notes that a Shazam film is in the works, along with other pre-announced comic book films like 100 Bullets and Fables. We’ve heard rumblings about a Shazam movie for a while now, so this little name drop is quite intriguing.

Tell us, are you excited about this news? Or do you think Warner Bros. is rushing into Justice League a little too quickly? Sound off in the comments below!