Zack Snyder Trying To Get WB To Release Justice League Snyder Cut

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Nearly two years after the theatrical release of Justice League, Zack Snyder is still campaigning to get his cut of the film out there. He’s reportedly even gone so far as to show it to Warner Bros. executives in hopes that they’ll want to invest the time and money that it’s going to take to make it a complete product. Whether any of their minds were changed still remains to be seen, but fans have to hold out hope for a miracle. If the cut really is as great as Snyder and Jason Momoa claim it is, then the studio has an obligation to show audiences how awesome the original movie should’ve/could’ve been.

Of course, the superhero film was met with a less-than-ideal reception when it opened in November of 2017. The flick also failed to attract as big an audience as Warner Bros. had hoped it would, pulling in only $657.9 million worldwide. Given all of the promise and talent attached to the project, many DC supporters blamed Joss Whedon for the underperformance, given that he’s the one who took over for Snyder after he left the feature.

Shortly after release, fans began campaigning to see the original director’s cut of the movie in hopes that Snyder’s vision would be better than the disappointment that was shown in theaters. At the moment, Warner Bros. doesn’t have any plans to release the Snyder Cut, but that hasn’t stopped avid enthusiasts and Snyder himself from imploring them to make it happen.

The filmmaker certainly isn’t helping the situation by continually teasing what his cut would have looked like by divulging behind-the-scenes footage and tantalizing plot details. It remains to be seen if any of us will ever get to lay eyes on this mysterious edition of the feature, but until then, we can all only look towards the future.

A potential Justice League reboot is said to be in the works and may be directed by J.J. Abrams. So even though Snyder continues to try to convince the pinhead suits to release his cut of the film, fans shouldn’t hold their breath. Thankfully, though, there’s plenty more exciting DCEU material on the horizon, even if the much better version of the 2017 film never gets to see the light of day.