Zack Snyder replies to ‘Justice League’ fan, all hell breaks loose on Twitter

Joker Justice League

As you may have noticed, supporters of the DCEU’s SnyderVerse are a fairly vocal bunch, having spent the last four years trying to will the filmmaker’s return to the shared mythology into existence, and we’re now at the stage where it becomes a surprise if Justice League isn’t trending every couple of days.

The people got what they wanted when the four-hour Snyder Cut premiered on HBO Max this past March, but if anything that’s only emboldened the campaigners. If it isn’t the Justice League sequels or the restoration of the SnyderVerse, then it’s Ben Affleck’s abandoned take on The Batman or the Ayer Cut dominating the online discourse.

As you can see from the reactions below, Snyder offered a one-word reply without much context to a fan on Vero, which has created a massive snowball effect that’s seen the troops mobilized for the umpteenth time.

We should point out that Snyder isn’t employed by Warner Bros., has no active involvement in the DCEU beyond his ceremonial executive producer credits, and isn’t legally allowed to even contemplate the idea of heading back into the franchise’s sandbox for another two years. Of course, none of this matters to the diehards when he’s offered them another sliver of hope.