Zack Snyder’s Netflix Deal Might Not Be The End Of The SnyderVerse

Justice League

If you thought Zack Snyder‘s Stone Quarry Productions signing an exclusive two-year development deal with Netflix would mark the end of the SnyderVerse chatter, you’d be dead wrong. Fans will never give up on the filmmaker returning to Warner Bros. to pick up where HBO Max’s Justice League left off, and they won’t extinguish that flame until the Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director rules it out from happening himself.

There’s been no shortage of chatter that the impending finalization of the Discovery merger could open the door to the resurrection of the original DCEU mythos, and even if that does come to pass, it won’t be until mid-2023 at the very earliest. Tipster Mikey Sutton, a vocal and repeated supporter of the SnyderVerse, is once again reiterating his belief that it could still happen somewhere down the line.

While that’s entirely true, the chances are that Snyder will be remaining at Netflix for the foreseeable future. The only new project announced since the deal was made official is an Army of the Dead sequel, and prior to that prequel Army of Thieves, companion series Lost Vegas, Norse-inspired animation Twilight of the Gods, former Star Wars spinoff Rebel Moon and an original action film to be directed by Damon Caro were already all on the table.

The two years covers the development of properties through Stone Quarry, meaning Zack Snyder would likely have to sign a separate contract to direct any of those projects for the streamer. The Army of the Dead universe is just getting started, Rebel Moon is being designed to kick off a franchise spanning film and television, while that Arthurian tale set in the Old West just got a lot closer to happening, so there’s a huge volume of Netflix content set to arrive between now and the SnyderVerse being hypothetically restored.