New WarnerMedia Merger Could Restore The SnyderVerse

Justice League

We’ve long since entered straw-clutching territory when it comes the future of the SnyderVerse, with all sorts of hypothetical scenarios being laid out that would require a very specific set of circumstances to unfold in a particular order and then maybe, just maybe, Zack Snyder will be invited back into the fold to deliver those Justice League sequels he’s already got figured out in his head.

The latest comes from tipster Mikey Sutton, who posits that the impending merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery could result in a boardroom reshuffle, one that removes the current crop of executives from the picture and wipes the slate clean. Admittedly, it definitely can’t be ruled out by any stretch of the imagination depending on who ends up in charge, but there are a lot of its and buts between now and then.

Essentially, the deal is said to be worth up to $100 billion, which would make it the biggest media merger ever, a record already held by WarnerMedia after Time Warner was absorbed into the AT&T empire. That would put the entire Warner Bros. library and HBO Max under the same roof as Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Food Network and HGTV, which is a whole lot of content. But where does the SnyderVerse fit in?

Well, it takes a huge leap of faith and imagination that involves Discovery CEO David Zaslav utilizing his new position post-merger to eliminate Jason Kilar, Ann Sarnoff, Toby Emmerich and possibly even Walter Hamada from the equation, completely reshaping the direction of HBO Max and DC Films, then capitalizing on the success of the Snyder Cut by giving its director a call to tell him to come home. Sure, it’s incredibly speculative and Justice League 2 is hardly going to be anywhere close to the top of the priority list in the immediate aftermath of a $100 billion merger, but stranger things have happened.