Ray Fisher Still Wants An Apology From DC Films President Walter Hamada

Image via DC Films

Ray Fisher drew a line under his tenure as the DCEU’s Cyborg by releasing a statement confirming that he had no intention of returning to the superhero franchise as long as Water Hamada was still calling the shots. As the president of DC Films, Hamada isn’t going anywhere for a long time, meaning that we won’t be seeing Victor Stone again unless the role is recast, as has been rumored.

This was just the latest twist in a saga that dates all the way back to Joss Whedon’s Justice League reshoots, but it wasn’t until much later that Fisher publicly called out the director for his behavior on set. This led to a series of former collaborators coming forward with similar claims, and while Whedon has never responded to any of the allegations, he did drop out of his own HBO series The Nevers, which some people viewed as him deliberately stepping away from the public eye until the dust had settled.

Fisher even invited legal action from the filmmaker’s representatives if they could prove what he was saying wasn’t true or didn’t happen, while Warner Bros. launched their own internal investigation into the matter, only to determine that nothing untoward had transpired, which made it sound an awful lot like they were calling the actor a liar.

Despite his refusal to join The Flash, even though Cyborg has been part of the story since the earliest stages of development, Fisher has now revealed that he’s still seeking an apology from Hamada, as you can see below.

Based on how things have played out so far, it seems unlikely that Hamada will acquiesce to Ray Fisher‘s demands, presumably in the hopes that everything will eventually blow over in time. But we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out.