Ray Fisher Responds To WB’s Claims That He Didn’t Cooperate With Their Justice League Investigation

Image via DC Films

History will always remember Justice League as one of the most troubled productions in Hollywood history, for a variety of reasons. After Joss Whedon’s theatrical version was roundly dismissed by fans, critics and audiences, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign finally yielded success after two and a half years.

The all-new edition of the DCEU’s ensemble epic will arrive exclusively on HBO Max next year in four hour-long installments, with the costs to complete and then market the Snyder Cut rumored to push the total budget of Justice League past the $500 million mark. Warner Bros. will be hoping that the massive outlay is worth it in the end, but the tales of behind the scenes turmoil are far from over.

Ray Fisher has been making headlines after accusing replacement director Joss Whedon of on-set misconduct, claims that have since been backed up by several former collaborators. Whedon has never publicly commented on the matter himself, but Warner Bros. ultimately launched an investigation into what really happened during the Justice League reshoots.

The studio have now officially denied Fisher’s claims, and things only got murkier when Warner Bros. said in their statement that the actor had refused to cooperate with the investigator that they’d hired. The 32 year-old took to social media to respond to this, and from the sound of things, the battle between the two parties is far from over.

WB are already facing backlash for both denying Fisher’s claims and throwing their own accusations in his direction as a rebuttal, and there’s every chance that things could continue to escalate from here, with legal action being launched from either side still a distinct possibility. Fisher is set to play major roles in both the Snyder Cut of Justice League and The Flash, and it won’t be a good look for the studio if they’re essentially calling one of the stars of their highest-profile movies a liar in a public forum.