Ray Fisher Can Reportedly Be Sued If He Keeps Talking About Justice League

Image via DC Films

For an actor that had come perilously close to fading into obscurity, Ray Fisher has suddenly been finding himself in the headlines for a variety of reasons. Given that the Cyborg star’s entire filmography post-Justice League amounts to the third season of True Detective and nothing else, you can understand why he cried tears of happiness on becoming the first person to find out that the Snyder Cut was finally becoming a reality.

The good news just kept on coming for the 32 year-old as well when it was confirmed that Cyborg would be returning to the DCEU to play a major supporting role in The Flash, when many were assuming that his time as part of the franchise was over after he became one of the many characters swept under the rug in the post-Snyder era, despite originally being penciled in to headline his own solo movie.

However, Fisher also made big waves in the industry when he called out Joss Whedon for his behavior after the Avengers director took over Justice League, claims that were backed up by Kevin Smith and have seemed to open the floodgates for a series of former collaborators to blast the filmmaker for the abusive and unhealthy environments that he cultivated on his sets.

Whedon has yet to publicly comment on the accusations, but it seems that Fisher could be in hot water with Warner Bros. for going public, with the studio reportedly threatening to sue the actor if he continues talking.

As industry insider Daniel Richtman explains in the above tweet, the reason why Fisher went virtually radio silent after dropping such a huge bombshell is that Warner Bros. can pursue legal action against him given that he’s broken his non-disclosure agreement by going public. The studio are no doubt pretty angry at the Justice League actor’s decision to air their dirty laundry on social media, too, which could make for a very frosty environment when he suits back up as Cyborg in The Flash. That is, if he’s still set to return in the film after what’s happened.