The DCEU’s Cyborg Movie Was Originally Set To Be Released Today


Back in the early days of the DCEU, the foundations laid by Man of Steel were set to unravel into a five-movie arc planned out by Zack Snyder, with the core members of the Justice League set to carry the franchise. However, Warner Bros. wanted to compete with Marvel Studios as soon as possible, which led to the exhausting world-building of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in a race to get to Justice League, which ironically served as the catalyst for the studio to take a step back and try and redefine their entire creative vision for their superhero series.

As well as Snyder being completely removed from the equation, his plans for the DCEU also lie in tatters. Batman has already been recast and is the subject of another reboot, nobody seems sure if Henry Cavill is even playing Superman anymore, we’re still no closer to the Flash’s solo movie despite it originally being announced six years ago, and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg seems to have been swept under the rug entirely. If it wasn’t for Wonder Woman and Aquaman, everything from Man of Steel to Justice League may as well never have happened.

Today marks the day that Cyborg’s planned standalone outing was set to be released though, which many called a longshot from the very second it was announced. The character was a virtual unknown to audiences, and it marked either a huge show of confidence on WB’s part or a huge miscalculation to devote an entire movie to someone that most folks had never even heard of.

It didn’t help that Fisher’s role in Justice League was reduced from acting as a key member of the team to a glorified cameo, either, something the actor himself admitted he wasn’t happy about, and any talk of his own film quickly dissipated. In an alternate universe, Cyborg may have turned out to be a huge success, but at this point, it seems highly unlikely that Victor Stone will ever be seen or heard from again in the DCEU.