Henry Cavill Says The Witcher Won’t Keep Him From Playing Superman

Henry Cavill will once again take on a favorite icon of pop culture in The Witcher, a live-action adaptation of the Polish novels of the same name that tell the story of Geralt, a solitary monster-hunter in search of his destiny in the volatile lands of the Northern Kingdoms.

But even though the responsibility of fully portraying Geralt of Rivia in all his complexity and depth is a challenging endeavor, many people still wish to see Cavill as the Man of Steel. Well, considering the ambiguous nature of the DCEU and the underwhelming performance of Justice League, there are no updates as of yet on whether we’ll get to see this version of Superman in any more pictures or adaptations. But time and time again, Cavill has expressed that he’d love to reprise the role.

In fact, he was recently asked if his part in The Witcher would prevent him from playing Superman again and he made it clear that the projects would not conflict with each other, saying:

“You’ve got to keep in mind that regardless of what movies I’ll be doing over the next few years, you can fit two projects into one year.”

The actor was then asked if there was any hope that he’d take on the role in the future, to which he cheekily referenced his famous symbol that was revealed to stand for hope in Man of Steel:

“I mean, that’s what it stands for, right?”

With early reactions praising The Witcher for its choreography and scenery, and Netflix renewing the series for another season, it’s safe to assume that Cavill will have a busy couple of years ahead, but apparently, that won’t stop the Man of Steel from taking on more projects, even if they’re as demanding as the one he’s already contracted to undertake.

At any rate, the highly anticipated adaptation of The Witcher will premiere tomorrow on the streaming platform. Don’t miss it!

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