First Reactions To Netflix’s The Witcher Praise The Incredible Fight Scenes

The Witcher

It’s been a long two years since Netflix announced that an adaptation of The Witcher was in development, but we’re finally here and in just two weeks, the first season of the new fantasy series will debut on the streaming platform.

Henry Cavill will portray Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter (also known as a Witcher) who roams the volatile and wicked world of the Northern Kingdoms in the hope of finding his destiny. The series will adapt The Witcher Saga, which is a series of five novels and two sets of short stories that serve as a prelude to the main narrative.

While fans can barely contain their anticipation for the new live-action adaptation, a few lucky people have managed to preview the first episode and it would appear that the Netflix series is going to be another hit. Some have praised the powerfully choreographed action sequences, while others have assured fans that Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (the showrunner) seems to know what she’s doing. In fact, if the rest of the season is as good as the first episode in terms of storytelling, then The Witcher will be the next big phenomenon in the world of television.

Here are just some of the things that people had to say about the first episode:

Netflix has already renewed the series for a second season and they seem to be sure about their new production, but for now, we’ll only have to wait and see if The Witcher can repeat the success streak of other hit shows from the streaming juggernaut when it debuts on December 20th.

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