Netflix Has Already Renewed The Witcher For A Second Season

The Witcher

Apparently, Netflix is feeling so confident in their video game adaptation of The Witcher (which, for those who may not know, was an adaptation of a book series) that they’ve already greenlit another season. The second run of the horror-fantasy hybrid is slated to start production in early 2020, a few months after the December debut of the first season.

The show’s creator, Lauren S. Hissrich, was obviously ecstatic about the news and had the following to say about it earlier today:

“I’m so thrilled that before fans have even seen our first season, we are able to confirm that we’ll be returning to The Continent again to continue telling the stories of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri.”

It seems like Netflix execs are excited about the prospect of scooping up that Game of Thrones crowd, eh? I mean this is the streaming giant’s best shot at that, but I also have a feeling that those poor, poor souls are so dejected and hurt by how that show went out that they’d watch anything. Not to talk ill of The Witcher, though. I obviously haven’t seen it yet, but it seems like it’s time to start the hype train because we’re getting more of it after the first season. Heck, Hissrich has even said in the past that they could go on for twenty years, which, wow, okay. That’s some confidence right there.

Granted, this show is also going give us a full, unadulterated gaze at Superman’s butt, so I bet people would be happy with that for 20 years as long as he keeps up with the squats. Is it wrong to objectify this man? Certainly, but what’s done is done. There’s no way I could edit and write something else.

But hey, there’s literally no better way to get people excited for more of The Witcher than with a bit of literal T&A. After all, it made everyone buy the games, so…