The Witcher Showrunner Says It Could Last For 20 Years

The Witcher

We’re still a few months out from the premiere of The Witcher on Netflix and though it’s expected to be a big hit for them, the streaming giant has yet to renew the series for a second season. Still, the show’s executive producer, Lauren S. Hissrich, is already hard at work planning out a narrative that’ll take many, many years to unfold.

Indeed, The Witcher promises to bring us a decidedly mature take on the lore and looks like it’ll draw more from its Slavic roots – not to mention Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels – than the beloved video games. Be that as it may, there’s obviously a ton of material to take inspiration from and replying to a fan on Twitter recently, Hissrich said that the show could potentially run for 20 years. Sure, that’s a bit ambitious, but she’s not wrong when she says that there’s just “so much material.”

Captured across various locations in Central Europe, we know that the first season of The Witcher will run for eight episodes in total and though that’s not very long, we’re hopeful that it’s able to impress critics and find an audience so that Netflix swiftly renews it. After all, cancelling a Henry Cavill-led fantasy series after only one season would definitely be a colossal missed opportunity. Especially when it’s based on such rich source material.

In any case, things certainly look promising for The Witcher right now and with any luck, it’ll find itself with a long-lasting, successful multi-season run like Game of Thrones. We’ll find out for sure though if Hissrich and her team nailed it when the show debuts on December 20th.