Kevin Smith Backs Up Ray Fisher’s Comments About Joss Whedon On Justice League Set

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Kevin Smith has defended Ray Fisher’s comments about Joss Whedon. The Cyborg actor recently posted a series of Tweets criticizing the on-set behavior of the Justice League director, revealing that the way he treated the cast was pretty terrible.

The conflict more or less began when Fisher posted a video of himself praising Whedon’s work on the superhero film at Comic Con. Stating he was retracting his positive statement, he went on to explain that Whedon’s behavior during the making of the movie was “gross, abusive, unprofessional and completely unacceptable.”

Whedon – who was brought onto the project when its original director, Zack Snyder, left to process the suicide of his teenage daughter Autumn – has yet to comment on the accusations. In the meantime, one of Justice League‘s producers, Jon Berg, spoke out in Whedon’s defense.

Smith did not, however. Appearing on a podcast together with writer Marc Bernardin, he recounted an incident during production where Whedon would “actively be negative” about Snyder’s work. Although the director did not experience Whedon’s behavior first-hand, his words align with Fisher’s allegations. Indeed, according to Smith, Whedon would “cut down, dismiss and be negative about Zack’s version which he had seen and all of the special effects team had made together.”

While Whedon’s actions continue to be criticized, things are looking up for Snyder. After a challenging few years of working through personal grief, the filmmaker appears to be back on track. About a month ago, he scored a huge win when it was announced that his personal cut of Justice League would premiere next year on HBO Max, and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves.

As for these accusations against Whedon, well, we’ll just have to sit tight for now and see what the director has to say for himself once he issues a statement. Watch this space for more.