Cyborg Confirmed To Make His DCEU Return In The Flash

Image via DC Films

The announcement that the Snyder Cut of Justice League was finally becoming a reality after a two and a half year online campaign seems to have blown the doors wide open in terms of what the future holds for the DCEU. The Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad is picking up some serious momentum, Henry Cavill has finally committed his future to the franchise after much speculation, and there’s even rumors that Warner Bros.’ owners AT&T want Ben Affleck to return and make his version of The Batman.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Snyder Cut though looks to be Ray Fisher, who was the first to get the call when it was confirmed that the reassembled version of the movie was made official, with Cyborg set to play a much bigger role in the story the second time around. Which can only be good news, as it appeared that the actor’s time as part of the shared universe was over for good, even though he was once set to headline his own solo movie and have a major supporting role in The Flash.

However, in a recent exchange with a fan, producer Barbara Muschietti confirmed that Victor Stone is still set to feature in The Flash, despite the project facing some uncertainty of its own given star Ezra Miller’s recent transgressions. Despite cycling through numerous directors and writers since first being announced in 2014, it would appear that some elements of the earliest drafts are still set to factor into the story, including Cyborg himself.

Cyborg hasn’t exactly turned out to be the career-changing role that Fisher thought it would be, of course, with the 32 year-old’s appearance in the third season of True Detective his only onscreen credit since Justice League, but with a return in both the Snyder Cut and The Flash on the cards, it looks like his time in the DCEU isn’t done quite yet.