WB Reportedly Prepared To Make The Flash Without Ezra Miller

The Flash

Ezra Miller has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons lately, with footage of the actor choking a fan going viral last week. The video will very likely have a hugely detrimental affect on his career and already tons of people are calling for him to be removed from his role as the DCEU’s Flash.

Of course, the 27 year-old has yet to comment on the situation, and Warner Bros. has remained quiet as well, leaving everyone to wonder what’s going to happen to the Scarlet Speedster’s solo outing. After all, the pic has been delayed several times already and rumors are swirling that Wally West is being lined up to replace Barry Allen in the DCEU.

Right now, it’s definitely not sounding too good for Miller and a new report from FandomWire only makes the situation even more dire for him. According to the outlet, while no decision has been reached as of yet, Warner Bros. is prepared to make the movie without the actor if need be.

“We’re told [the studio’s] new plans are well into motion, and will continue to move ahead quickly when they’re able to… with or without Ezra Miller in the suit.”

As for who would replace the Fantastic Beasts star, that we don’t yet know. But it sounds like nothing has been decided upon just yet and options are still being weighed. In all likelihood, things will probably be determined by how Miller handles the situation and his apology – which is surely on the way.

Obviously it would come as a huge blow to him if he lost out on the chance to headline The Flash after having been attached to the movie for so long, but this is certainly not something that Warner Bros. is just going to sweep under the rug. As such, we imagine that some sort of resolution will arrive in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more.