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DC Fans Petitioning For Warner Bros. To Replace Ezra Miller As The Flash

A petition calling on Warner Bros. to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash has been launched over on Change.org in light of recent events.

The Flash

It looks increasingly likely that Warner Bros. is about to part ways with Ezra Miller.

Video footage of the Justice League and Flash star has emerged from Reykjavik, Iceland, where Miller can be seen choking a woman (a DC fan, it seems) and pushing her towards the ground.

Despite some confusion over whether the alleged altercation was a joke, sources close to Variety have confirmed that, yes, this was a serious altercation, leading to the moment when Ezra Miller was escorted off the premises. The incident occurred on April 1st in the Prikið Kaffihús bar in central Reykjavik, were a number of “quite pushy” fans confronted Miller. And, well, it seems things got out of hand very quickly.

Warner Bros. is yet to issue an official response to this alarming footage, but some fans have taken it upon themselves to call for Miller’s resignation. Indeed, a Change.org user by the name of Danzel Samuel has launched a petition calling on WB to replace Ezra Miller as the Flash/Barry Allen.

Given news of Miller’s altercation just broke, this particular online petition is yet to garner any real momentum, but we wouldn’t be too surprised if it blew past its goal in the coming days.

One thing is immediately clear, though: DC fans are not happy by this altercation, with many already calling for Ezra Miller to be fired from both Fantastic Beasts 3 and the long-gestating Flash movie.

But at the time of going to press, neither Warner Bros. nor Miller have openly addressed the incident, and while we’d normally encourage people to wait for more information, the video itself is pretty damning. Stay tuned for more as this story develops.

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