DC Fans Are Horrified At Video Of Ezra Miller Choking A Female Fan


Fantastic Beasts and The Flash star Ezra Miller is generally seen as a pretty laidback and fun-loving kind of guy. As you can imagine, then, that public image made the video that appears to show him choking a female fan pretty damn disturbing.

The clip, posted on Twitter yesterday, was taken in Iceland and purports to show Miller approaching a fan who jokingly puts her fists up to fight him. He responds in shocking fashion, grabbing her by the neck and pulling her to the floor. The video then cuts off abruptly, with someone shouting “Woah, bro! Bro!”

Of course, the footage has since gone viral, and Ezra Miller fans are now waking up to find their hero trending on Twitter. Probably wondering what amazing outfit he’s worn this time, they’ve clicked through only to be dismayed and horrified.

If you haven’t yet seen the video, here it is:

And now, for some of the reactions doing the rounds on Twitter:

There’s a hell of a lot that’s still unknown about this story, though we do have (unverified as of right now) eyewitness accounts who claim that Miller completely lost it, spat at bartenders who were trying to stop him and was picked up by the cops soon afterwards. If he really was arrested, then expect there to be an official confirmation of what happened at some point today.

In the meantime, this spells nothing but trouble for the various projects he’s involved in. Fantastic Beasts 3 is already coming under a lot of scrutiny for continuing to cast alleged abuser Johnny Depp, so Miller being accused of the same sort of thing could be very damaging for the film. Then there’s the long-delayed DCEU pic The Flash. That’s already been pushed back a couple of times for various reasons, so there’s a chance that this incident might mean Warner Bros. could pull the plug completely and start again.

Whatever the case, Ezra Miller‘s cute, happy-go-lucky image might be irreparably dented if this video shows what it appears to.